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2007 Cleaning Areas Used for Source Isolation Policy
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Cleaning Areas Used for Source Isolation

Page updated 30 April 2007

Cleaning Areas Used for Source Isolation

Key Points

Need for terminal cleaning

Nurse responsibility

Room cleaning order and method

Special disinfection

See Section on Source Isolation

Terminal Cleaning on Patient Discharge

This procedure is required after a room occupied by a patient in Source Isolation has been vacated. Before housekeeping /PSA / domestic staff begin cleaning the ward, nursing staff should ensure that the following have been carried out:


Before cleaning, check with the nursing staff whether the patient's room or bed area requires special disinfection (eg patient infected with diarrhoeal pathogens, MRSA, GRE, Group A Streptococcus). This requires special steam cleaning of a carpet and wiping all surfaces with a disinfectant after routine cleaning.

Patient's ropes and handles should be removed and autoclaved. Other hoist equipment must be properly cleaned and decontaminated before it is used for another patient. See Special Disinfection overleaf.

The housekeeping/PSA/domestic staff may then proceed with cleaning. Protective clothing (plastic apron and domestic gloves) should be worn whilst carrying out the procedure.

For decontamination of a room to be effective it is essential that all dust is removed from horizontal surfaces and ledges.


Room Cleaning Summary

Surface Cleaning


En Suite Rooms

Special Disinfection

On Completion