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Page updated 5th March 2007

5.0. Patient Management

The number and presentation of C. difficile cases will influence the management of C. difficile infection. Monitoring of C. difficile cases by the Infection Control Team (ICT) with epidemiological investigation will result in initiation of 3 categories of management:

5.1 Sporadic cases

Following identification of C. difficile infection the following infection control measures must be implemented:




5.2. Clinical patient management

5.3. Localised cluster of cases

The ICT will inform the relevant clinical Team if a potential cluster of hospital acquired C. difficile infection has been detected. ICT to review cases involved, including ward moves and exposure to other cases. (see Outbreak Management)

In addition to guidance provided for 'sporadic cases', the following measures will be implemented:

5.4. Outbreaks

The identification of more than 3 cases per week of hospital acquired infection, for 2 consecutive weeks in a defined area will initiate specific actions by the ICT and DIPC in order to manage a potential outbreak of C. difficile .

In addition to guidance provided for localised clusters, the following additional measures will be implemented: