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Page updated 9 October 2006

Recommended fresh air supply rate should not < 5-8 litres per second per occupant or 8-10 complete air changes per hour.

Air-cooled air conditioning is preferred to water cooled, filters should be replaced regularly.

Ventilation systems should exhaust to the outside of the building.

Free standing or desktop mechanical fans should be avoided if possible as they circulate dust, splatter and aerosols around the surgery.

Sharps containers

There should be adequate storage to enable the room to remain uncluttered and ensure that work surfaces are readily accessible and easy to clean.

Lockable cupboard(s) should be available to store medicines/disinfectants/chemicals in accordance with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) 1999 regulations.

Sterile stock should be stored on shelving in a secure, cool, dry and clean environment in order to maintain the integrity of the sterile product and its packaging.

Shelving should be readily cleanable and allow for free movement of air around the stored product.