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Page updated 30 September 2006

Modifications to the Infection Control Manual

December 2003

After an audit of the hard copy manual use, from next year the manual will only be available electronically. All old version hard copies will be removed. A short form consisting only action points will be available on the wards. The action points have been updated and made as comprehensive as possible. Apart from your lines of communication and the telephone numbers for reporting sharps incidents, most policies are not designed for any particular hospital, but may be applied generally. As always, we invite comment and constructive criticism.

November 2005

The Infection Control Manual has been reviewed and revised. It has been produced in two forms; first as an web version for universal use. Some references to UCLH are left in where this is unavoidable (e.g. policies for viral haemorrhagic fever and prion diseases), but these diseases are rare and specialist advice can be obtained from experts at UCLH.

This web version includes forms which can be printed off or downloaded for local use. The advantage of having the manual in a web format is that it can be revised in one place. We welcome constructive comments.

We are also launching a desk-top list of Core Instructions for Infection Control, which can be printed in colour on A3 size paper. In general these are the action points in the manual with pointers to the forms and policies which are available on the website. The desk-top list of Core Instructions generally contains all that is needed for day-to-day infection control guidance.