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Page updated 30 September 2006



Infection Control Services Ltd. (ICS Ltd.) can provide comprehensive, expert services in two major areas, Infection Control and Clinical Management advice.

The aim of the Infection Control Establishment is, so far as is reasonably possible, to reduce the risks to patients of nosocomial infection and complications. We achieve this by setting best-practice protocols agreed at a local level and monitoring performance.

Infection Control

Day-to-day work

We work closely with the Infection Control Nurses who have local responsibility in their hospitals. This is achieved by regular meetings and discussions. Most problems can be dealt with on the telephone but we are available to visit and discuss difficult ones.

Establishment of protocols and procedures

These are based as far as possible on evidence base and experience and conform to National Guidelines. The Infection Control Manual at UCH was completely re-written in the 1980s and has been regularly updated since. It has been written in such a way as to be universally applicable, except for unique lines of communication for each hospital and Sharps Accident Policies, where the mechanism by which the protocol is enacted is slightly different on different sites.

The most recent version is currently under final review and is shortly to be promulgated to all clinical areas and departments. It is intended to publish this in an electronic version and circulate it widely on Intranet and Internet.

Keeping up to date

We will inform clients of new policy and data which is promulgated in National and International meetings, published in scientific journals and arise as directives from the Department of Health.

Education and training

Because education is such an important responsibility of the Infection Control Teams, consultants make themselves available for planning education programmes, planning teaching material and for contributing to teaching seminars.

Antibiotic policy

We have successfully introduced antibiotic policies based on the UCLH model throughout our client base where appropriate. In order to achieve this successfully we have liaised closely with Pharmacists.

Inspections of hospital and clinic premises

We contract to do regular and ad hoc inspections of:

The results of these inspections are reported to management through the Infection Control Team.

Infection Control Committees

We attend regular Infection Control Committees on every site which are the fora, in general, within which policies are discussed and accepted. These are the means by which information on infection control is passed to the management of the hospitals.

We arrange an in-house Infection Control Committee for the consultants and nurses affiliated to Infection Control Services to discuss new policy and problems. We attend Health and Safety Committees when appropriate

Hospital Planning

We have expertise in the infection control aspects of planning hospitals and units within hospitals, particularly operating theatres. We expect to be brought in at an early stage of planning of these units.

Clinical Management Advice

The directors and their affiliates have, between them, many years of experience giving advice to clinicians on the diagnosis and treatment of infections. We consult on patients with nosocomial infections as a matter of course and are available to support the Infection Control Nurses in their clinical liaison role.

In addition, we make ourselves available to clinicians for advice about the management of difficult cases. The Directors will discuss these together and will, under exceptional circumstances, be able to tap the combined expertise of most of the microbiologists in the UK and some internationally through the Internet.

We can also source important data from our travel medicine and virologist colleagues.