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Page updated 30 September 2006


About Infection Control Services Ltd.   Background
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    Contact Us
Infection Control Policies Principles of Infection Control Introduction to Infection Control
    Hand Hygiene
    Standard Precautions
    Isolation of Patients
    Dangerous Pathogens
    Last Offices on Infected Patients
    Notifiable Diseases
    Outbreak Management
    Infection Surveillance
  Specific Communicable Diseases Introduction
    Table of Infections
    Varicella-Zoster Virus
    Bloodborne Viruses
    Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers
    Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (Mad-Cow Disease)
    Food Poisoning
    Antibiotic Associated Diarrhoea
    Legionnaires' Disease
    Respiratory Viruses in Immunosuppressed Patients
    Travellers with Respiratory or Rash Illness
  Occupational Health Introduction
    Sharps Injuries
    Pathology Specimens
    Transportation of Infected Patients
  Cleaning and Disinfection Introduction
    Disinfection Procedures
    Areas used for Source Isolation
    Disposal of Waste
    Decontamination of Equipment
    Radiation Spills
  Policies for Specialised Areas Intensive Care Units
    Operating Theatres
    Hydrotherapy Pools
    Birthing Pools
    Neonatal Units
    Paediatric Units
  Clinical Practice Policies Management of Percutaneous Devices
    Wound Manangement
  Primary Care Policies Coming Soon
  Dental Practice Policies Introduction
    Framework for Infection Control in Dentistry
    Personal Protection
    Decontamination of Instruments and Equipment
    Surgery Disinfection and Waste Management
  Antibiotic Guidelines Cromwell Hospital
    HCA International Hospitals
A to Z Indexes   Coming Soon
Forms   Outbreak Management
    Notification of Infectious Diseases
    Risk Assessment
    Sharps Injuries
Information Sheets   General Infection Control
    Specific Diseases and Conditions
News   Current News
    News Archive
Partner Hospitals   Partner NHS Hospitals
    Partner Independent Hospitals
Posters and Notices   Desktop Guide to Infection Control
    Patient Isolation Notices