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Page updated 9 October 2007

5.0. Sharps Injury

Accidental injuries or inoculation wounds should be thoroughly washed in running water immediately, and further treatment given as appropriate to the type of injury.

It is essential that the normal procedure is followed (see Sharps Injury Policy). Essentially, blood (clotted and sequestrene/EDTA) from the patient with TSE (ie the Donor) must be sent to virology for appropriate tests. In the case of an incompetent patient not being able to give consent to have their blood taken and tested in this way, permission may be granted by the Consultant in charge of the case or a Consultant Infection Control Doctor. The injured recipient's blood is also saved.

All accidents should be reported in the usual way. The incident is recorded in the patient's notes. The injury is reported to Occupational Health. Advice on whether further action is necessary can be sought from the National Prion Clinic.